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Blonde Cutie Tied and Punished
Last Poster: Shy in The Dungeon on October 19, 2014, 08:46:05 PM
Young blonde girl is tied with her hands above her head, and punished...

Clothes cut off, breasts slapped, throat grabbed, gagged, fingered, teased, whipped...

I really enjoyed this video because it felt real to me and involved one of my favorite things... Being tied up and powerless + pussy rubbed/fingered... Mmmmm really gets my mind racing, or melting into sub

Brunette Raped
Last Poster: joan1984 in Video on October 19, 2014, 04:47:27 PM

Re: don't like the weather ? just wait five minutes...
Last Poster: rioja in Politics, Economics, Current Events on Yesterday at 09:52:12 AM
I understand the Irish peat bogs haven't been completely depleted.

Well today the country was on the receiving end of hurricane Gonzalo's last gasp ... except us was a truly glorious autumn day...very breezy but sunny & bright.

Plenty of berries in the hedgerows this year..

Re: Joke Of The Day
Last Poster: luxxi in Jokes on October 19, 2014, 02:40:09 AM
I've heard the reverse punchline. First appered after Gulf war (the 1991 one). After returning to Kuwait reporter sees women walking in front of husband. She asks man why the reversal and if increased western presence helped improve women's position. Man looks at her and says "no, landmines did". (other variations include Bosnia and Kosovo).

Re: NY Times report WMD found in Iraq
Last Poster: Hardman in Politics, Economics, Current Events on Yesterday at 06:31:24 PM
Yeah Brian, on chemical weapons I would say you are correct, yellowcake I'd treat more seriously but the catch-all of "WMD" and the persistent rumours of "Gulf War Syndrome" from the first war had people immediately thinking more of biochem weapons.

Saddam did bring that upon himself with the shell game that was played over the inspections, worth reading the Peacebroker, Tania Ewing, i

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