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Re: 1 in 10
Last Poster: rioja in Politics, Economics, Current Events on Today at 12:31:27 PM
I wondered the same

& I further wondered does the publishing help ? is it by itself an inducement ?

I can't help but think of the fww  ( because it was a century ago )
our young men were shot for ''cowardice'' - now we bring them home & tell them they are not fit for society. At least we bring them home - but we still do not accept the consequences of what society aske

Re: Julie - The Initiation
Last Poster: Alec Durbervilles in Rape Comics on Yesterday at 05:53:05 PM

Nigerian World Cup Team
Last Poster: Alec Durbervilles in Jokes on Yesterday at 05:15:50 AM
I saw this on another site and thought it was worth sharing.

After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain offered to personally refund all the expenses of fans who traveled to Brazil.

He said he just needed their bank detail

Re: Shy's Confession
Last Poster: Shy in Rape on July 21, 2014, 02:57:09 PM
i had this arrangement for three months with a gentleman when i started college. we did sexual things, but we didn't have sex. it's the best experience i ever had.

someone always knew where i was, i never let him pick the location, and we taught each other a lot. i've lost friends who feel i'm a who

Re: Things I DON'T miss
Last Poster: rioja in Random Thoughts on Yesterday at 11:17:07 AM

ohhhhhh I know ---- being young & having vehicle insurance payments more than my life insurance benefits : )

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