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And the winner is!
Last Poster: tierez in General Discussion on Today at 09:17:13 PM
If you won the lottery what would you do? I am talking the type of money that you and your family would never have to work again.

I would take care of the kids, my church etc. Give a bunch of money to the St. Jude hospital. I think that is just the best idea.

Now when it come to pure selfishness

1- A lot of land in the mountains, with a river running through it. <

Re: have you ever
Last Poster: Shy in Rape Fantasy on Today at 06:01:46 PM
I have thought about it, but it's not something that drives me wild. So probably wouldn't do it... also most of my old men are a one-on-one rapist and wouldn't team up against me. Lol

Re: Punishments
Last Poster: River in The Dungeon on Today at 10:04:44 PM
hmmm... while I am VERY curious to see what people will answer to this question.. I am not sure I am ready to answer this myself.

Re: Happy Birthday
Last Poster: mikki in Rape on Today at 11:38:33 AM
That's great. I love how you end it with "kisses."

You pulled off the guy's perspective very well. Are you nursing your inner sadist/Dom in there somewhere?

Also, this is almost long enough to just call it a story and put it in the Rape section.

One last question that just occur

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